• Losing unwanted body fat can be the key to achieve your dream body. Its important to do so in a healthy manner. Consuming healthier foods with less Sugar based carbs is a great way to start. Increasing Protein intake and decreasing Sugar intake will result into a leaner look. Sometimes known as ‘’Toned Look’’ or ”Lean Look” Its most important to keep the muscle that your body already have and therefore Supplements such as BCAA/Amino acids are vital to make sure that you sustained and protect your current muscle. The body will easily burn muscle before fat, should the protein intake not meet the desired support needed.
    Losing weight and loosing muscle will result into a softer look. Making it difficult to keep the intensity while training. The main idea and principal is to burn more calories than you consume which in turn causes fat loss.



  • When it comes to choosing the protein supplement that’s best for you, Whey protein is often the easy choice. Whey Protein is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids your body needs (doesn’t produce on its own and is needed from other food sources) to continue building proteins (protein synthesis).
  • Vegan protein options are great for individuals showing lactose sensitive signs. As well as individuals following a Vegan diet. Both options will have a high protein and low sugar content, making it a great essential to meet your daily protein intake goal and support lean muscle growth.


  • Getting the most out of your workouts are crucial when trying to build lean muscle, as well as to be able to work out more often. Amino Acids such as BCAA’s help with endurance when taken during workouts and aids in recovery when taken on non-training days. L-Glutamine is an old School Amino acid , that will also assist with recovery as well as gut health. Taking BCAA’s combined with L-Glutamine will cover all angles to promote lean muscle growth, making sure to not break any muscle down while working out and focusing on optimal lean growth.


Perform at your peak and train more intense compared to workouts without a Thermogenic / Burner booster. Adding a Burner to your supplement combination and diet will keep you motivated, focused and make sure the energy levels are in place when needed. Ingredients such as metabolic boosters and water control ingredients will make sure you drop body fat. Thermogenic Burners will also cause an decrease in appetite for sugar based foods, assisting the goal further.


L-Carnitine is a zero sugar/calorie fat burning boosting ingredient and mostly comes in liquid forms that makes it user friendly. L-Carnitine will assist any Thermogenic or Pre Workout  before workouts. This is also a great replacement should one be sensitive with stimulants (caffeine and more). L-carnitine can also be taken anytime of the day and even late afternoons to promote a 24 hour burning zone. 

  • Accessories will come in handy when focused on reaching a desired goal. The correct gear will get you motivated and result in more intense workouts. Example; Booty Bands will assist activating the Glutes followed by Weight Training. Ankle Straps forcing overload on the Glute after weight training. making sure  all muscles are activated and worked within the workout. Make sure you focus on the targeted muscle group for optimal results.