• To Bulk up your muscles lies within your training program and Nutritional intake.
    Hypertrophy pan which follows a principal increasing calories to be able to lift heavier weight with low volume training thus resulting to building dense quality muscle. Functional machines will most likely be incorporated to assist with the activation of the Muscle being focused on the specific training day.
    With training comes Nutrition support, similar to a vehicle the vehicle needs fuel to be able to perform.
    Following a supported Diet will benefit your goal. Supplementing your Diet will boost your performance as well as consistency. One cannot always consume enough proteins, Carbs and Nutrients to support the optimal growth. Supplements are there to support your Goal, making it easier for you to keep focus and recover faster. Smashing your next workout, Lifting heavy weights. The key is to find the balance without adding unwanted fat or wasting your time and money.
    High Protein and High Carbs is key! Generally Carbs within your Food Diet as well as your Intra workout and Post Workout.



  • Mass builders are their to make your life easier. Bulking up requires an increase in calories. Meaning more food, including Proteins and quality Carbs. Mass Builders acts as the convient protein shake for your post workout to restore the glycogen levels broken down during your workout, meaning repairing what was broken down. One can not always consume enough food during the day and therefore Mass builders such as NPL Pro Gains and TNT Black Mass has been designed to act as a Muscle Meal replacement Supplement. Should you require extra amounts of meals. This is also a very affordable option of getting the necessary nutrients in the body needs to build bulk muscle vs take aways and even general meals. We suggest to atleast consume 3 solid meals during the day additional to your 1-2 Mass builder shakes a day.   


  • Supplementing with creatine helps you increase your workout intensity, which is especially beneficial promoting strength and power output. This may lead to greater muscle development. Creatine has the ability to hydrate muscle cells, resulting in muscles looking bigger and more pumped up while using Creatine. Creatine is an essential supplement for individuals looking to add muscle mass to the body. 
  • We Suggest adding a Creatine and Carb based Supplement as a intra workout, to sip during your workout to keep the muscle fueled throughout the workout. The Carbs within such a product will replenish the glycogen being broken down during the workout as well as assisting with the uptake of the creatine already formulated inside the supplement. Therefor the Creatine will have a greater effect and prime your muscle for your Post workout Protein Shake. 
  • Nutritech, TNT and NPL has Great options such as Createch, CreaMax, Creaforce and Creatine Fuel  as the During workout Muscle Creatine Supplement. The serving can be taken directly after gym instead of during the workout. Followed by a Protein Shake 30 Minutes prior. 


  • Getting the most out of your workouts are crucial and to be able to work out more often. Amino Acids help with endurance when taken during workouts and aids in recovery when taken on non-training days. L-Glutamine is a old School Amino acids that has been on the market for years that will also assist with recovery as well as Gut health. Amino acids can be mixed with your Creatine for optimal results during your workout. 


  • Perform at your peak and train more intense vs to a workout without pre workout will keep you motivated, focused and make sure the energy levels are on place when needed. Pre workouts without Stimulant is also available for the individual looking for the endurance and Muscle Pump boost without Caffeine

TEST BOOSTER (30+ Years old)

Testosterone is a vital male hormone. The growth hormone supports muscle gain, body hair, and bone mass. Low testosterone can make life a little difficult. Not only does it lead to mood irregularities, but it also aggravates your mood disorders. Natural Testosterone booster assist you loosing body fat as well as increasing muscle mass. Studies showed it can also work on your cardiovascular health.

  • Lift support will come in handy when focused on reaching a desired goal. The correct gear will get you motivated and result in more intense workouts. As well as protecting you from getting injuries. Example; Weight Lifting belt will keep the mid section tight and focused during heavy weight lifting. Wrist supports will assist with push days and lifting straps with pull days. a Better grip = focus on the muscle being activated and form. This will assist you to get the most out of your workouts and push harder!